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Optical Drives

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I'm taking my first step into the world of PC building and through my travels of searching I have yet to find an answer to something that has been plaguing my mind, so I shall ask those more knowledgeable and competent than I. Is it possible or even plausible to run a home built rig with multiple optical drives, e.g. cd/dvd burner and a bluray player, or would one play the master while the other is not recognized. Thank you in advance
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    You can have as many optical drives as you have bays in your case and ports on your motherboard. I usually have 2 in my computer with one being a ROM drive and the other being a burner. That makes disk to disk burning easier than having one drive. For some reason I only have 1 optical drive right now. I have been meaning to get a BluRay burner since prices have come down so much but I just have not got around to it.
  2. That is fantastic news! The following question to this revelation would be has there been an all in one drive created thus far, such as a BD/dvd/cd+/- RW so I do not need to get a reader/writer for both disc formats?
  3. Yes, I have both an LG and a Samsung. Both read/write Blu-ray and DVDs and CDs.

    Newegg $80 -> $140
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  5. Positively smashing, thank you for the leads Chief! I shall dig some more into the aforementioned brands! Happy Computing!
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