10.1 perpformance worse then 8.12...??

I updated ati driver 10.1
When some char launch their ultra in Street Fighter 4, the fps will drop to 4X for 2 second
i also tried 9.12 and it has the same problem
but 8.12 work quite good with sf4

i tried 9.12 and 10.1 in vista 32bit and win7 64bit, both have the same problem

4GB ram
win7 64bit
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  1. I wouldnt worry too much, 40+ frames is still plenty enough
  2. but that is lag..... i guess it may be below 30fps
    maybe fps in the left top corner does not show the real fps as it is so fast.

    and...4870 lag in sf4...!??....
  3. Quite simply the older drivers are better optimised for the workload that goes with that game.
    The 10.1 drivers i would guess are pretty specifically targeting getting the best performance from 5 series cards. Thats what usually happens, past 8.12 i didnt see any need to update for my 3850.
    Im running 9.11 Drivers on my 4770, that seemed to be the point where the upgrade just didnt seem worth it.
    Its always a good idea to read the release notes and see what and where the improvements are before updating Tweaktown are pretty good at reviewing the drivers.

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