WTF is going in with my rig???

Ok. Starting from the beginning....

Bought machine on 22nd December 09.
Went on vacation with family the next day. Back a week later. Rig running fine.

Went out again after 4 days. 3 day outing.

Machine isn't booting. Switched the RAM stick's slots. Working fine.

Goes fine for 4 days. Problem recurs. Same solution. Slowly, the frequency of the problem goes up, till it refuses to boot after every start-shutdown-leave off for an hour cycle, and I need to switch the RAM sticks a variable number of times, as little as one, as many as 30.

Moved machine off the floor and onto study table. Suddenly boots on first go. Works fine till evening. Then again it starts. It reaches a point where it refuses to boot no matter what I do to the RAM. Borrowed a 2GB stick (Zion) from a friend. Same problem- boots sometimes, most of the time, no. Pulled out GPU and stuck it in again. Started running again till the next day. Again, the same problem. Pulled out GPU and stuck it in again. Working. Today, pulling out the GPU isn't helping. Pulled it out, running the itegrated HD3000 to see if the problem recurs.

Just WTF is going on? Can it have something to do with the fact that I underclock the GPU to 600 core 450 mem when not gaming? Or that I force the GPU to 70% fan in Crysis/Warhead? Or that I've put an 80mm intake fan jsut over the GPU vent? I just can't figure out what the heck is going on....I'm at my wits end. I came very close to simply dumping the damn thing out the window today. Can someone please PLEASE shed some light on this problem???

PS: Sorry for the long post- can't be helped.
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  1. Dudes, I need the help! My dad will can my ass if he finds out his USD 800( after import tax) isnt even booting up!

    Oh, and the problem seems to have gone away after I started running the integrated card.

    I also use a DVI-VGA adapter since I have a 15'' CRT screen from the prehistoric period.

    I also noticed these white marks on the PCB. Can they be the problem?
  2. have another computer? u can try the card there... :)
    If the same problem exist then RMA your card...
  3. You dont need to manualy underclock the card when its in 2d mode, it will do that for you.

    Do as wa1 said and see if the graphics card is working ok.
  4. Thanks dude. Will try that. Borrowed a 9400 from a friend. Will try that out on Monday to see if the problem recurs there.
  5. could the GPU be incompatible with the mobo BIOS or something? Can updating the BIOS help? And what about the white spots on the PCB?
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