Recover data from a damaged HDD

Any way to recover data from a damaged HDD internal/desktop Seagare Barracuda 7200.11
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  1. Define damaged? Controller board fried? reformatted? Wont show up in windows? Shows up but the data's gone? an elephant stepped on it?
  2. Just discovered this website. I realize that whatever needed to happen with that hard drive, has, most likely, already taken place.

    HOWEVER, unless the hard drive was physically assaulted or whatever, then the best thing to do whenever a hard drive is seemingly damaged, is to get an image of the hard drive. I use my computer forensic equipment to make certain that the new target drive has been wiped - then, do a bit-for-bit image of the drive. Often times, I am able to put the imaged drive back into the computer, then have the users back in business, using the replacement hard drive, as if nothing happened.

    If you need to forensically retrieve other data, you obviously want to make multiple images, then lock away the original hard drive.
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