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This is a noob quesiton, but i installed real temp 3.7 from techpower up to check temperatures then it gave me a zipped file so i extracted it and now when i double click there are a bunch of apps in the folder but i dont know which one to click to just run the actual program. Im on windows 8...
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  1. nevermind figured it out. i just dont know what the other apps like i7turbogt and realtempgt mean in the file
  2. i7 Turbo GT shows the multiplier for each individual thread. RealTemp.exe is for processors with 4 cores or less. RealTemp GT is for processors with 6 cores. LoadTester can put a variable load on a single thread or core. It is for testing purposes.

    Here's another special version with a few more features for the newer CPUs.

    RealTemp T|I Edition
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