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GT240 1gb any good for FSX

Hello, i am wondering how well the Nvidia GT240 plays Fsx. I have got a new CQ5222 pc, and i will upgrade it to the gt240 if it gets decent fps

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  1. spend a bit more and go for a gts250 or a ATI 5770.

    GTS 250 is $30 more, definetely worth it.

    there are better bang for the buck out there, so other ppl have at it
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    As it's only got an AMD-Athlon II X2 215 in it anything more than a GTS250 may well be a waste of time and money.
  3. Mousemonkey said:
    As it's only got an AMD-Athlon II X2 215 in it anything more than a GTS250 may well be a waste of time and money.

  4. Interesting.... But apparently there are issues, people say it needs an external pci slot in your psu, and a 400w psu....
  5. But will the GT240 get good fps on FSX

  6. yes I assume it would be good enough, FSX is mostly CPU dependent though, so the CPU is more important than a powerful GFX card.

    So yes, GT240 should be good enough
  7. Thankyou very much, as birthday money will probably only cover GT240 anyway

    By the way, it will be a Palit card, 1gb sonic, £64.99/$101.84

    Damn, everyting is more expensive in the UK
  8. But the 2.7ghz Athlon 215 is a good enough cpu, right....
  9. Flightsimluke said:
    But the 2.7ghz Athlon 215 is a good enough cpu, right....

    You asking the old 'loaded question'. Is it enough ? People build monster rigs just to play this flight sim, so for some it would not be enough. That gpu is a good match for that cpu, and I think you will have a good gaming experience with fsx. What size/resolution monitor are you going to fly with ?
  10. My monitor at the moment is a rubbish 15" TFT, probably with a max resolution of 1024x768 at the very most, swapping to somethin like a 1440x900 or a 1920x1080

    My current monitor only has VGA
  11. I find myself in a similar situation. I have a Compaq cq5210f that was an emergency cheap fix for the old box that blew a line of caps in the night. This Compaq has had its moments :non: First item, it did not have the sd card reader as pictured at the hp site (that picture has been replaced).

    So, looking at its innards it has a featureless motherboard built on an older nvidia chipset. In fact it barely appears on nVidia in the relic list (430/6530se).

    Adequate for Novalogic JO although laggy at times. I attribute it to the shared memory thing with the onboard video southbridge. I also note this has 3GB of DDR2 memory. A 2GB and a 1GB PC2-6400 module, I was under the impression that for the DDR thing, paired was the way or you did not get the dual data rate.

    So, extravegant addons would be an immense waste of time and effort. It is my estimate the cheapest and most expedient way to boost all levels of function would be with a cheapie on sale GT240-GDDR5 along with swapping out the 1GB mem for a matching 2GB pc2-6400 low density module to nurse this along to last until new technologies trickle into poor-boy markets and onto bargain tables. Perhaps if the Athlon II x2 215 is unnable or unwilling to keep pace then swapping out for a Phenom II x2 may be a way to stretch its useable life with a 20% boost.
  12. No..
    I have 4gb of DDR3 ram and a athlon x2 215
    the CQ5222 is very different
    obviously better than yours-lol
    I have acquired FSX, and the pc (not 'laggy') manages to play it at 45fps on high graphics.
    Mine DOES happen to have a card reader
    and i will not be buying a GT240-Instead im ''Wasting'' money on a HD5670.
    The computer is great value, as i got it new from tescos (im english) for £233.

    Good deal, huh?
  13. Comparatively speaking, I paid 165 uk pounds. It runs the telephone answering machine software, and the book keeping. But, the point about percieved slow memory swaps is still in contention over the unmatched DDR2 modules. I am under the impression it takes a matched pair to do the Dual Data Rate thing. At this point I have not had time to research the subject for new developments over the last couple of years. So, I am left with the assumption that a 2GB+1GB-Shared video RAM = major slowdown.

    The cheap nvidia gt240 is under the theory that the 96 CUDA cores will enhance other software functions which have recently included GPU assisted computing in the application's engine which are already installed in my system for media conversions and grafic creations. Cutting the conversion and source generation time down from hours to minutes will be a fun enhancement.
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  15. Hi guys,

    I'm building a config to play mainly FSX with the add-ons like, Real Environment Xtreme 2.0, Shockwave - 3D Lights Redux, FSX Booster Version 2.9, Aerosoft MyTraffic 2010, Ultimate Airport Environment X...

    Pretty much to boost FSX and have excelent graphics. I have a Samsung TV 40'' LCD, playing 1920x1080, and want to make it the main screen, maybe in the future run some of the gauges in another screen.

    I'm looking for a "i5-2500 - 3.3ghz" and a "EVGA GTS450 1024MB", 4Gb RAM but not sure if it will hold high/ultra high graphical settings on FSX.

    I've been reading lately and seems that GTS450 is not a good choice??, maybe a "EVGA GTX460 1GB Superclocked"??, which is still within my budget. Am I asking too much for such configuration? 6 Gb RAM will make difference?

    Appreciate any help.

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