Maximus extreme ram problem

Guys i have maximus extreme ddr3 and 4 weeks ago i bought a box of ram 2x 4gb 1600 mhz ddr3 and put them on but the pc crashes i bring the back to shop and i bought 1333mhz cus the motherboard working better 1333 2x 4gb but my pc cant read them
I read about a solution to update bios but iam scare if motherboard burn pls if anyone knows a solution that it can help me post me!
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  1. Please post the exact part-number and/or link to your RAM. Also, please post the exact MOBO {there are several Maximus Extreme MOBOs lines}.
  2. Asus Maximus extreme intel x38 DDr3
    the 1333mhz ram i have now in the box is Corsair cm3x2048-1333c9dhx
  3. First, your RAM {cm3x2048-1333c9dhx} doesn't appear in either list.

    I would set everything Manually, Speed, CAS, and timings. What settings are you using in the BIOS? {I have to leave for a couple of hours}.

    Useful link -

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