How does Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade pick up on a 64 bit setup!

I'm wanting to go up to windows 7 x64 but I'm wanting to know how it will pick up on a 64 bit setup or does it come with a copy of the 32 and 64 bit setup. On the 64 bit I'm adding another 2gigs of memory on memory to put me up to 6Gigs of memory. Also gonna be getting a 5750 or a 5770 depending on my finances. So how does this work. Any and all help will be greatfull. Thanks.
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  1. if you are currently running a 32bit version of XP or Vista, and you want to install the 64bit version of win7, then you will need to do a clean install. you should be able to boot from the win7 disc and chose 64bit install. You will need to enter in a valid winXP key during the install, along with the new win7 key.
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    Here is a guide written by Paul Thurrott on how to upgrade from a 32 bit copy of XP or Vista, to a 64 bit version of 7:
  3. Windows 7 Upgrade comes with both 32 bit and 64 bit instalation disks, they are seperate disks.
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