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Why it is impossible to download drivers (GA-7VASMFS), but instead I must download a fa**ing driver detective, driver viz and so on, but not a driver itself what I need?
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  1. I am able to download drivers individually for my gigabyte board. On your board page, chose the download tab, select type "driver" then select your OS and then a list of all the drivers for your board should appear.

    I was not able to find a board searching for "(GA-7VASMFS)."
  2. Did a generic google search and it came up with This . I'm assuming you initially used Gigabyte's site and was given only the option to DL the Driver Detective. You may be able to contact them via e-mail and specifically request the driver if the previous file does not work for you. I would recommend the latter as manufacturer drivers are designed specifically for the device rather than risking a modified driver that could conflict with any number of devices in your machine.
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