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First Time Builder $1600 Budget

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February 22, 2010 7:41:13 PM

Hi this is my first post on here, I've always wanted to build my own computer, so this is what I've though up so far.

My Budget is about $1600 plus or minus a few hundred, the only part I have already is a Logitech G9 mouse.

My focus is on gaming, some photo editing and watching movies. I would like to place an emphasis on noise control and quality parts which will last rather than brute power.

At this point I'm not savvy enough to try overclocking anything, and it seems to run against creating a quiet PC, but I want to leave doors open in case I change my stance.

I live in Switzerland and will probably be using as my main supplier of parts and as a running price guide.

Case: Antec 902
This seems like a solid and roomy case with plenty of cooling options. I intend on replacing the stock fans, hopefully with 120mm Noctua NF-S12B FLX's and a 140mm NF-P14 FLX if the supplied fans are too loud.

PSU: Seasonic X-650
Saw it recommended a bunch of times and read a glowing review, it seems reliable and quiet.

CPU: Intel Core i5 750 BOX, Quad Core, 2.67 GHz, LGA 1156
Seems sufficient for my purposes and popular.

CPU FAN: Noctua NH-U12P
Maybe I've already developed a Noctua preference, but the reviews seems solid, and it runs quiet.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3, Intel P55, LGA1156, CFX
A popular match with the i5 750.

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2GB Kit, DDR3-1600, CL9-9-9-24
Seems like a popular choice.

HD: Samsung HD103SJ, F3, 7200rpm, 32MB, 1TB, SATA-II
Cheap, faster than its WD counterparts and I've seen it included in a bunch of builds

Video Card: Sapphire HD 5750 Vapor-X 1GB, PCI-E x16 2.0, DP, HDMI
This is a part I'm really unsure about, recommendations for alternate choices would be appreciated

Optical Drive: Lite-On iHAS424-32, DVD Writer, schwarz, SATA, LS, Retail

Monitor: ASUS VW246H or the upcoming Samsung F2380MX
I read Anadtech's comprehensive guide and have been snooping around but I have no clue what a good monitor is around the $300 USD mark. I would like accurate colour representation as I'm a hobby photographer and mess around in photoshop a lot, but don't want to sacrifice quick response times.

I will be adding an external DAC/amp (nuForce Icon) with PSB B15 bookshelf speakers. The cost of these is not included in the budget, but it's why I haven't included a Sound Card and why I would like to make this as quiet as possible.

My questions are:
Am I spending too much on the case/psu/fans and not enough on the Video Card?
Where is the bottleneck in the set up in terms of gaming performance, and what would you recommend I change?
Is there anyone who owns these parts or has a similar setup who could provide input/tips.
With stock settings (no overclocking) will I be able to run the fans at <1000 RPM in your opinion?
Is it worth installing sound insulation foam on the inside of the case?

Thanks for taking the time to respond (if you do!).

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February 22, 2010 7:53:53 PM

I would Switch your Cooler for the Hyper 212 plus, Find some CL7 Ram Gskill has a fairly cheap set still, and at least get a 5770.

However, preferred would be to rethink your build and put in a 5850.

If you budget is stretched to thin with the Intel you would be better off building an AMD rig with a better graphics card.

Adding insulation to a case always sounds like a bad idea to me since you are trying to keep a case as cool as possible but thats just me.