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Debating on getting a single 5770 or throwing in another 4670 and running crossfire with 2 gigs total ram (from the gc, not the mobo it has 4 gigs gskill 1066 ddr2) ddr3 clocked at 1800 mhz with a 128 bit bandwidth. The 5770 I'm looking at is a sapphire with a gig of gddr5 running a mem clock of 1200 mhz I found on new egg. Anyone ran either or both rigs? I'm running on a Kuma 7850+ black edition processor oc'ed to 3.2 ghz. I'm not trying to brag, but I don't know if this makes a difference with dx11, and besides it's only dual core anyway I want to throw in a phenom but need the cash first. Anyway, I have ADD to the MAX. Advice on the cards?
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  1. Hello...
    Welcome to the forums... :)

    Well, dual 4670 is about the same performance with a single 4850.
    And 5770 is about the same performance with 4870 minus dx.11

    U will be better with 5770...
  2. Thanks man. I'm thinking I'll just wait until I can cough up the extra fifty and get the better card. Then maybe when they go down run those in crossfire for next generation or later games until they drop. :)
  3. Single card, newest generation > crossfire, 1 generation older, 1 tier lower. notice that the 3rd digit of 5770 is 7, which is higher than the 6 of the 4670. That means that if alone, even a x7xx card of the same generation (ie: a 4770 or 4750) will beat the 4670. Add the fact that the 5770 is newer by a generation, then it means that the 5770 will beat the older generation equivalent, which is the 4770.

    tl;dr: 5770 > 2 x 4650, because 5770 is newer generation, has lower power consumption, and doesn't have multi-gpu scaling issues.
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