How do I delete Windows?

Hello people.
I currently have a WD 160 GB Internal HDD, with Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit installed(please, no comments). I recently bought a new WD Caviar Blue 500 GB HDD and a Genuine copy of Windows 7 Home Premium. I intend to install Windows 7 on the 500 GB Hard Drive, and still use the old one as it has lots of important data on it, but I want to delete Vista from it, while retaining my documents and downloads. Also, it has some sort of "recovery" partition on it, which is taking up space and I want to delete that. So basically I want:
1. Windows 7 on new HDD.
2. Old HDD empty, with only data on it, including documents and downloads.
3. Windows 7 in control of both drives.
4. Deletion of "recovery" partition on the old drive.

I guess the recovery is there cos I got Vista in a branded machine(HP), so the recovery disk has all those HP features inbuilt. I dont need them anymore, so how do I delete the recovery partition?

Please help me. This is urgent.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Right Click My Computer => Manage => Disk Management , from there u delete the unwanted parition ,

    u plug in a External drive , backup the files u want from ur "old" windows , set the 500G as primary in bios after that , install win 7 , Format the WinVista Partition from Win7 , and ur done

    Ps : restore the backuped file to wherever u want :D

    install win 7
  2. ( Forget the last line "install win 7" , Typing mistake ;) can't edit my messages for unknown reasons )
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