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Hello, i just got my pc back from the dooshbags at cyber power, and im still having one problem. They had to replace the mobo becuase it was apparently "defective" and gave me all sorts of problems. Now my problem is getting a blue screen error, in which it dumps physical memory and what not, on start up only. The weird thing is that it only happens when i first turn the computer on after being off for a while. Once the pc is running, you can shut it off and back on with no problems. It is only when you first start the computer and windows 7 is attempting to load. The pc will beep several times when you first turn it on and will fail to boot windows. When you restart you hear no beeps at all and the problem never repeats itself.

My specs are listed in my sig

Any ideas???
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  1. Too many variables. But if it makes it to the Windows 7 loading screen, then it sounds like an OS problem. Try reinstalling Windows 7. If cybper power replaced your motherboard, something might have changed (driver wise) and cause the computer to go to a blue screen. The registry might be corrupted. Also, check your ram voltages. Make sure they're not above 1.65V.
  2. Those beeps are BIOS error codes. Pay attention to the beep code pattern, i.e., short -short-long, etc., find the name of the BIOS your motherboard utilizes, do a search for the BIOS error codes and it will tell you where your issue is.
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