Need help with motherboard decision for new build- P55 vs X58

Hello all,
Looking to get a new PC and need some help deciding between an X58 board and P55.
The 2 boards are the Rampage III Formula X58 and the Maximus III Formula P55

I was speaking to a friend and looking over the components for the build I realized I don't need 6gb of memory. I hardly ever get to use 4gb in my current pc and that's with PS running with a game and a 1080p game, 2 web browsers open with tons of tabs and still haven't reached that. It would be wasted money.

I somehow feel that going with a P55 board means less features or less performance. What am I missing if I go with a P55 board?
I don't know much about P55 vs X58 so any help appreciated.

What does the M3F lack that the R3F has?

i7 950

i7 875

Thanks again.
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  1. X58 is the clear better choice. Summary of advantages: 1. Tri & Hexa Channel DDR3, 2. 3/4 WAY PCIe bandwidth, faster CPU support, SATA3/USB3 are not shared bandwidth with the GPU PCIe. If your are going the X58 use x64 OS and in-keeping with the Tri Channel 2 X 3GB is the typical route.

    Per your choices:
    i7 950
    Rampage 3 Formula

    "What does the M3F lack that the R3F has? "
    1. Tri/Hexa Channel DDR3 +R3F
    2. 3-WAY +R3F
    3. SATA3 +R3F
    4. 24GB DDR3 +R3F
    5. USB3 +R3F
    6. SB Intel ICH10R +R2F
    etc - Really no comparison.

    Good Luck and Hope that answers your question.
  2. Wow, thats enough for're a good salesman! I'm sold. thank you..btw, how do I change topic to solved?
    I thought I could change it through the edit but I keep getting:
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    Oh well. thanks again.
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    Good Luck!
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