Overclocking 2500k past 4.7 ghz

Hey guys, so ive been overclocking my rig the past 2 weeks and been trying to get past the 5.0 ghz mark with no luck. so for now im stopping at 4.4 @ 1.350 v since its where stability is fine and temps are acceptable while running prime 95 (max 76), my rooms pretty warm today so my little water cooling loop isnt working its best. im going to be upgrading to a 3770k and a new 32 gb g.skill 1600 kit after christmas and i was to looking to squeeze some most juice out of these before i sell it a friend. meaning i dont want to fry it but ive been pushing the vcore pretty far, even got some voltage warnings on boot since i was @ 1.540 v, i know stupid but i was going for a max push of 5.1 ghz. Here's my current build and settings

CPU: i-5 2500k @ 4.5 ghz (45 x 100 mhz) w/ 1.350 Vcore
CPU Cooling: Corsair H60 - Push/ Pull 2x Corsair SP120 fans
Mobo: Asus maximus IV gene-z (updated bios)
Ram: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 (2 x 4gb) @ 666 MHZ 9-9-9-24-34@1.5 V (want to get this up to the 800 MHZ it should be able to handle... and then try to push it some more), 2 gb of this is running and a RAMDISK for my os temp files
GPU: XFX 6950 (no OC) 840 mhz core, 1325 mhz memory 2 gb, with Accelero Xtreme PLUS II
SSD 1 (OS/ Programs) - OCZ Vertex 4 120 gb ssd
SSD 2 (games) - OCZ Vertex 3 128 gb ssd
HDD: 2 TB western digital hdd
ODD: Asus blu ray burner
PSU: Corsair 750TX V2
Case: CoolerMaster Haf X

im thinking if i replaced the thermal paste i can get a few more degrees out of it since when i put this together i forgot to order some better paste and just used wat the h60 came with, stuffs probably all crusty now. ill be posting some screen shots of my bios so you guys can see those settings too. im willing to play around with the cpu and ram to push out more power
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  2. Bumping isn't allowed!

    Any reason why you need 32GB of ram and an i7?

    Also, don't go over 1.4V unless you are running a PROPER watercooling loop. Not an H60 like you currently are using.
  3. whops my bad, promise wont do it again lol.

    i have a chance to get the ram and cpu upgrade for about 180 bucks which isnt bad. i do a lot of photoshop, video rendering and music editing so id like the extra HT and im greedy for a bigger ramdisk.

    I wont be pushing my vcore that high anymore its at 1.350 now running @ 40 *C

    Im getting a proper loop in january but i have a seperate thread for that in the watercooling section
  4. Well considering you are upgrading, keep your current CPU at a stable clock.
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