WD WD5000AAKS is very slow, firmware problem?

I have a WD5000AAKS drive that is running very, very, very slowly. The problem started with reinstallation of Windows XP on a different computer. I aborted the installation and restarted the procedure to reinstall Win XP but the problem got even slower. I suspect the firmware got corrupted and I would like to flash it, but I do not find a way to do it. Any help would be most wellcomed.

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  1. how old is the drive? is it making any unusual noises? clicking or spinning really fast all the time? i doubt its a firmware problem tbh.

    check for damage on sata/ power cable's and run a dskchk to check the HDD has no bad sectors.
  2. however if you want to flash the HDD firmware then go to WD and download their HDD utility software. if their is a way to flash it then thats how.
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