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Hey, I was wondering if I should upgrade to a new build or upgrade what I have. I'm running socket 775 with an e7400 and a 9500GT, and if I were to upgrade it'd be to a core 2 quad and a 5870. Price limit for that is $600. New build is $950. Thanks.
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  1. More information, so I can help you.
    What do you use your computer for?
    Why would you be willing to spend $600 on an up-grade and $950 on new build?
    What system do plan on building?
  2. A 5870 and two more gb of ram would be more effective for most games compared to a new build with a quad.
  3. Use- Gaming
    Weird Price Issue- I'd be selling my current build, with a few other things if I were to rebuild, and upgrade would just be selling my old guitar and some other crap. Keep in mind I want to be able to max out settings in games with this.
  4. At a resolution of 1920 x 1200 or less a 5870 should be able to play everything maxed out. Something like crysis excepted. It is probably not worthwhile to go stronger for marginal gains.
    Unless your game is FSX or one of the few others that can use more than two cores and are cpu limited, your duo should be able to drive a 5870 well.
  5. If you currently have a decent motherboard and a good quality PSU (with a rating of 600W or more), I would say go with a 5870, upgrade your CPU, and get a good CPU cooler to overclock the crap out of it. If you need to upgrade your PSU as well then you may want to lean more towards selling your current computer, assuming you know you can get a decent amount of money for it, and go for the new build. If it was me, I would just overclock your current CPU, upgrade the video card (and PSU if needed), perhaps upgrade the RAM, and hold out for a new build.
  6. Thanks. But, in the event I were to upgrade, should I go AMD or Intel, considering my price range?
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    blu3flannel said:
    Thanks. But, in the event I were to upgrade, should I go AMD or Intel, considering my price range?

    If you have the itch to upgrade your cpu, then make it a significant jump or you will be disappointed.
    The i5-750 is a bigger jump than AMD, particularly if overclocked.
  8. It also costs a lot more to upgrade to that, and I don't have that kind of money. I'd eventually upgrade much more whenever I get my summer job, this is just temporary.
  9. AMD for $500-1000 Intel for $1200+
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