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I just purchased an EVGA GTX#480.My question is can I still use my EVGA #295 with the 480 or should i just not use it at all.I was wondering if the 2 would work in tandem together.I am eventually gonna SLI 2 480's but until then......???
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  1. No. You need similar cards to SLI.
  2. can i use them non sli?? meaning would it be more of a problem to have the 2 hooked up?what would happen?
  3. Yeah. The GTX 480 would handle PhysX pretty well, the GTX 295 would be overkill and you'd be best selling it. You could stick it in another computer for F@H though.
  4. thanks for the help.I just wanted to use both cards until i get the other card for SLI(another gtx#480)
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