Haze of pixels followed by BSoD

I have a 9800 GT from Inno3D (the one with faulty cooling, I know), and whenever I play games such as Far Cry 2 or say, GTA IV, after about 10 mins of playing, the screen freezes with red/green pixels everywhere, then my screen turns black, and I have to restart the computer. Whenever I restart it, and Vista boots, it says that Windows has recovered from a BSoD, regarding some problem with my drivers.
I check Guru3D for drivers every week or so, and I keep everything up-to-date.
What might be the problem?
I have enough cooling I believe, the card runs at about 50C in-action. Good/bad?
I have a 450W Fortron PSU, is the power enough?

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Forgot to say, games such as Crysis run perfectly fine, and I can play it for hours and hours without crashing.
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  1. Any specific settings FC2 uses that Crysis doesn't?
  2. I think I've found a solution to this.
    I switched Far Cry to DirectX 9, and I played for a few hours without any problems (other settings intact, everything on veryhigh).

    What's wrong with my DX10? Is there any redist that I must install? I'm pretty sure I'm fully upgraded but, can someone give me some tips please? :)

    P.S I play Crysis on DX10, but there's no problems there.
    P.P.S shadow187, there's a few settings on FarCry 2 that Crysis doesn't have, such as Fire detail level and Trees detail level, etc.
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