Dlink site-test.

I am trying to set up my wireless network and internet connection.

Once every-thing is set-up and the router is connected, it does not connect to dsl. I phoned my service provider who informed me that the router is dialing out with a username "" (if I recall correctly).

Because of this, I can not get the router to sync with my service provider.

The router in question is a Dlink DSL-264Du wireless router with 4 port LAN .

How I can get this router into submission.

It was bought brand new. I have also re-set it.
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    Without knowing exactly how your DSL connection is made, I find it better to put the DSL modem in Bridge Mode and make the connection on the router.
  2. If is a line fault, as the line was not configured correct by the ISP's tech....good idea though.
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