I7 3770K Overclocking

Today I overclocked my machine from the Intel Visual BIOS, Its just sliding a bar,
My Processor is i7 - 3770K
Motherboard - Intel Dz77GA 70K
CPU Cooler - Corsair H80
RAM - 16GB (8GBx2) G Skill Ripjaws X 1600MHz
PSU - In Win Commander 750W Bronze modular

I overclocked My processor to 4.5GHz and RAM to 2133MHz, after I saved BIOS It suddenly restarted , I couldn't on the machine, No display came, after I reset the BIOS from motherboard jumper and changed to stock settings. What is the problem with my machine ???

and last does OCking reduce my PC's life time???
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  1. It is not overclocking that reduces your PC's life span per se, basically every 10 degrees of extra heat that is in your computer case or on components, subtract about 5 years of expected life on your components. If you use proper cooling with extra fans and an aftermarket heatsink you are ok. If your computer does not start at all it means that it is either the CPU or motherboard, but most likely the motherboard, and it either has way to much voltage, or if you didn't change the voltage it has too little. You should look up other i7 overclocks and see which voltage ranges are acceptable as well. Also, overclocking ram two full speeds up is very touchy, you usually need to up the voltage of the north and south bridge chipsets as well as the QPI (bus), and the RAM module voltages. I have gotten DDR3 memory from 1333 Mhz (CL 9 timing) to 1667 Mhz (Cl 9 timings) but that's the max, I basically got a speed and a half up, and that's pushing it for stability, shoot for either lower timings (through the bios) or only go up to 1866 Mhz speed. Try different voltages and overclocks, make sure you have proper cooling. One thing I did find about your board in reviews is that it is choppy when it comes to overclocking so it could be that as well.
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