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Can you tell me if the Samsung SpinPoint F3 250GB HD253GJ is HDD single plate or has more plates? thanks
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  1. It has one platter.
  2. Are you sure? where do you found this info?
  3. friket1 said:
    Are you sure? where do you found this info?

    Pretty much all of Samsung's F3 line of drives use 500gb per platter, you can find that in a google search. So a 250gb version of an F3 certainly wouldn't need more than one eh?

    Here's an interesting site: Just do a find-on-page for the HD253GJ and you'll see it listed in the 500gb per platter section. http://rml527.blogspot.com/2010/10/hdd-platter-database-samsung-35.html
  4. friket1 said:
    Are you sure? where do you found this info?

    Absolutely positive. It is the identical drive to the 500gb single platter, with only 250gb available on the 500gb platter.

    There are many online sources that confirm this -- I happen to have some of the drives and had explored it previously, but here is one example:

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