1600Mhz setup on ASUS M4A785td

Hi, i just bought a new 1600mhz ram for my amd system, and when i setup the timing to work at 9cl instead of 11 when i set it to 1600, i found 2 option which i dont understand (DCT 0, DCt 1, and Both)...so which one should i really use?
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  1. {DCT 0, DCt 1, and Both} refers to the Channel that the DDR is located on, or if you have Quad Channel e.g. 4 X 2GB use both. As I recall DCT 0 = A and DCT 1 = B Channel. If you are entering your DDR timings manually then you need to choose the appropriate DCT. {I'm pretty sure I am correct.}
  2. thanks alot bro...that's was really so helpful
  3. well, i installed the 2 rams in the Channel A (which r not beside each other "in differenct colors")....is that the right way for dual channel or i'm wrong, or it doesnt make a differece?!!!!!
  4. Install both {pair} in the Blue, and if there's a second set {pair} install those in the Black.
  5. yea, i found that they werent working in dual mode that way...thanks!
  6. I am simply reading your manual:

    1. We recommend that you install the DDR3 1600+ memory modules on the blue slots for better overclocking performance.

    • A*: Supports one module inserted into any slot as single-channel memory configuration.
    • B*: Supports one pair of modules inserted into either the blue slots or the black slots as one pair of dual-channel memory configuration.
    • C*: Supports two pairs of modules inserted into both the blue slots and the black slots as two pairs of dual-channel memory configuration.
  7. well, i'm actually struggling to make it stable at 1600 9-9-9-24 which is the memory official timing and using voltage 1.55-1.75 in Prime95...i think i'm gonna try moving them to the blue slots!
  8. here's the memory by the way that i purchased which you can a very good reviews about it and about its stability on the advertisid timing and speed!
  9. ^ Try posting that Link again to your DDR. Also, verify the EXACT MOBO you have from this list - http://usa.asus.com/Search.aspx?SearchKey=M4A785td
  10. Sorry, here's the ram model http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820211409
    and this one is my mobo http://usa.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=Ic2Z48E0qdz0KwIU

    and i tried the blue ones as u said...and it seems its going well, i tried Prime95 for 45min and everything is great, no errors
    i know that 45min isnt too much, but before it didnt last 2minutes :D
    and one more thing...i have my cpu amd phenom ii x4 955be running @ 3.4 (200 x 17) at 1.35v scoring 55c for heat in Prime95 test using a cooler master hyper tx3...is that good or bad, or should i do something about the voltage....

    Thanks alot man for your help!
  11. Temps depends upon ambient temp 50-60C is within norms. Always try to run on the lowest {stable} voltage as possible. So all seem good!

    In addition, try different FSB & CPU Multipliers; start with raising FSB and lowing CPU and visa versa and compare temps then stability.

    Good Luck!
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