Help hd stops after few seconds

my hard disk western digital caviar 1tb, switches off after a few seconds of being powered.

it is not detected in bios obviously
can't boot
can't do nothing

it starts then stops after about 15 seconds
u can hear it powering on , turning, click, stop... dead
i have tried to unplug both cables(power and sata) and starts the same cycle powers, disc rotates a few seconds , click and stop

i have tried on different computers and it is always the same

i can't open it cos i dont have the right screwdriver

anyone knows how to fix it or is it dead?

thank you all
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    sounds like its dead, either the heads are damaged or stuck, indicated by the click and then stoping.

    2 ways i know to solve this temporarily(you will need to replace the drive)

    if you need/want to recover data theirs 2 things you can try.

    1: The freezer: take the HDD out and wrap it in cling film or a zip lock bag, get as much air out as you can before you seal it and place it in a freezer over night. this will cause the heads to contract and possibly un-stick them long enough to recover any data.

    2: put the drive on its side, turn on, doesnt work? put drive upside down, turn on........vertical and so on until it works. usually a certain possition will allow a stuck head to dislodge itself.

    iv got a 500g hdd that only works when its layed on its back lol
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