Is there a way to get lcd tv to go into power save mode on computer

I am using sharp 37in lcd tv for my secondary computer monitor using the dvi digital pc input. is there a way to get it to go into power saving standby like my main monitor does. so i do not have to manually turn the tv off and on everytime i use my pc
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  1. I programmed my HDTV to shutdown after the set WAIT TIME when there is no activity/no signal from the computer hdmi interface. When my PC goes to sleep mode the HDTV shutdown automatically. Its part of the setup of the HDTV. The HDTV WAIT TIME or delay is set to 8 minutes.

    My primary display a 24LCD screen goes to sleep mode when the PC is on sleep mode. When the PC wakes up the Primary LCD display wakes up.

    The secondary Display HDTV i use the remote to power it up. When the PC shutdowns or goes to sleep mode refer to the 1st paragraph.
  2. I knew i could set the timer on the tv i wanted to see if there was a way to set up or any gadget or software out there that would make the tv go into standby mode like the main monitor
  3. Call your HDTV Tech support.
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