Problems booting my backup Virtual disk

Before wiping my computer and upgrading to windows 7 i decided to back everything up to a virtual machine disk (.vdmk). When i went to start the system up it would not boot, it just kept blue screening. So i decided to try safe mode. When i boot in safemode it gets to \windows\system32\DRIVERS\hpdskfit.sys and just froze at that point. My guess is i need to remove the HP driver, but i have no idea how to go about doing that with out the ability to boot correctly.
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  1. Boot to a recovery console and rename that driver file.
  2. Well my first hurtle was to disable the administrator password which i did so with UBCD then I actually ended up booting to recovery console and disabling the following:
    HP Port Resolver
    HP Status Server

    still no luck. After those were disabled it got stuck on mup.sys of which i proceeded to do a chkdsk and then followed these instructions:

    This also did no good.
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