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I'm trying to upgrade my graphics card to replace my integrated one. My goal is to increase some performance as well as obtain a DVI connection. I'm not a gamer. The graphics card I'm thinking about adding (MSI N9500GT-MD512/D2 because it's less than $40) says it recommends a 350W PS minimum. I currently only have a 300W in my system. Is it worth just buying the card and trying it out or is this something that can trash my PS or make my system unstable. I do know that my mobo is only pcie 1.0a compliant so I know that the card won't be utilized to its max performance. Perhaps this helps with the power consumption.

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  1. I dont think the 9500 requires a 6 pin power connector, and if youre using a Dell or HP, the psus used are usually enough to handle these smaller cards. What pc do you have? Im thinking youll be fine
  2. Thanks for the response.

    I have an eMachine T6520. The PS is a Bestec 300W. I'm guessing that it's not the "best" PS.
  3. No, but typically the 9500 doesnt require the 6 pin, and all the power comes from your pci slot, which is 75 watts. You should be ok, as these are used in HP and Dell as well, with slight variations, and theyre usually enough
    Ill add this, these PSU's are not great, but they arent terrible, and why they list the 350 requirement, as some say theyre 350, and are actually no better than your bestec 300
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