Auzentech ... is it a good company ??

Question auzentech ... is it a good company ??
am ask about auzentech company ,,, it company specialized at Sound Cards

are it a good company or not ?

and own card are good or not ?
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  1. i have a company at my country and want to make a deal with Auzentech to buy some sound cards ...

    so i want to know if it a good company or Not ?

    and what models you advise me to buy it form Auzentech ??

    don't care about money ... am look for a good quality at first
  2. I seem to remember auzentech being pushed as being a good replacement for creative when creative were not supporting vista properly.

    Perhaps buy a card and talk to their support department about issues (you'll need a serial number), to see how they respond, that will tell you if they are a good company as a distributor, from what i recall they are a good alternatve to creative who are/were the standard.

    HOWEVER, and its a big however....

    On board sound is now a lot better than it used to be, and with processor power being 10-20x what it was, the performance hit from onboard sound is minimal, off board sound was essential, it isn't anymore, so you might find your market dissappearing if you are trying to become a retailer/distributor?
  3. My experience so far is that Auzentech is a great company. I've had the X-Fi Prelude for almost 2 years now and have been very happy with it. If you want an X-Fi sound chip, they're the best manufacturer out there, as they make a point of putting good quality components on their cards (opamps and the like), which is important to people like me who need the good quality analoge-out for headphones or speakers. I've sent some email to them in the past, and their customer service (to me) was pretty good, they seem very knowledgeable.

    Auzentechs current model lineup has the X-Fi Hometheater HD at the top, the X-Fi Forte below it, the X-Fi Bravura, the X-Plosion Cinema, and the X-Raider. All their cards have swappable opamp sockets, although I've never tried this feature out myself as most of their cards have high quality opamps on the front L/R channels (LM4562's for example on all but the X-Raider). A lot of them also offer headphone amplifiers (Forte, Bravura, Hometheater HD). Gamers will be most interested in the X-Fi Forte I think, as it has the full Creative X-Fi processor on-board. Their flagship model, the Hometheater HD also has a full featured X-Fi, but is more targeted to Blu-Ray users running HTPC's who need support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master formats. The X-Fi Bravura is a cut down X-Fi that does a lot of the work in software. The X-Plosion Cinema and X-Raider are Auzentechs lower end models, for those interested in better sound quality than integrated but not interested in a lot of the gaming-oriented stuff the other cards offer.
  4. Auzentech <> ASUS > Realtek (latest onboard chips) > Creative

    With EAX all but dead, it comes down to quality of output and features, where Creative is lacking to say the least...Auzentechs newer models are based on the Creative X-fi chipset, but using much higher quality parts, making the chipset much better. ASUS uses the C-media chipset, which is just as good, but lacks authentic EAX support (though they do emulate EAX 5).

    In the sub-$100 range, ASUS and HT Omega (who uses the same C-Media chipset) are king; you have the low end ASUS Xonar DS, and the mid-range ASUS Xonar D1/DX and HT Omega Striker.

    Moving up a bit, you get to the price range of the ASUS Xonar D2/D2X, and a bit higher, the Auzentech Prelude, which are the most "complete" cards feature wise.

    At the top of the line, you have the ASUS Essence ST/STX, HT Omega Claro, and Auzentech Forte, their main add on being a powered headphone amp.

    For the HTPC crowd, you have the ASUS HDAV1.3 Delux and Auzentech Home Theatre HD.

    For under $100, I recommend the HT Omega Striker [unless you want the emulated EAX 5.0 ASUS offers], mainly due to support for both Dolbly Digital Live and DTS Connect [The DS offers DTS-C, and the D1/DX offers DDL]. Above that, the D2/D2X and Prelude offer the best blend of quality, features, and price. Still, the powered headphone amp of the ST/STX, Claro, and Forte is attractive to some buyers...

    With better cards avaliable at a lower price, there is no reason to go with Creative anymore.
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