Hard drive makes a noise but doesnt show in bios

my hard drive doesn't show anymore. it makes a noise when i turn the power on but it doesn't show in bios. it as been working fine for the last 8 months but today out of the blue it as stopped. i checked all the sata and power cables and swapped them out for other working drives to see. still no joy
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  1. what is the noise? a click, click, click noise? buzzing, grinding noise,a hum? it could be a lot of things depending on what kind of noise its making.

    you said you swapped power and sata cables, did you also try a differant HDD? have you tried connecting to a differant sata port on the mainboard?

    on first impressions it sounds like a dead HDD to be honest but you may still be able to recover your data at least.
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