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  1. Your poll is closed with zero votes.
  2. no.
  3. Trying for moderator fazers? :D
  4. Well, I just hope Bulldozer owns.
  5. jennyh said:
    Trying for moderator fazers? :D

    LOL - no, actually - I wouldn't want to spend all my spare time here, as I'm going to try building some houses for the poor in my wife's hometown (as my Vietnamese friend at work does once or twice a year). Good for the karma, & all that :P.

    Besides, I hear Upendra is interested in the job. That is, if he can meet the height requirement :D.

    Actually I have you to thank for pointing out my entirely too fanboyish ways :) so I am trying to improve. Plus I am seriously interested in Bulldozer and would hate to have to eat all my posts belittling AMD :D. Hopefully by the time BD appears everybody will have forgotten about that :kaola:
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