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Hi, this is my first build and i don't really know alot about computers. I've been researching alot but it's been hard since my computer wont work at all anymore. I know this sounds dumb but i was hoping someone could put together a list of decent parts for my build for around $1000. I want to use the system for music recording/editing and video editing. I have read many posts and got quite a few ideas but most of them are a year or 2 old. I wasnt sure if these parts are outdated already or what. Any help at all would be much appreciated.
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  1. A lot of questions still need to be answered here before we can begin assembling a recommended build for you. I suggest you take a look at the "How to ask for help with a new build" thread stickied in the Homebuilt Systems section, and use the template they have provided.
  2. Try this ...

    Two of these . . .

    Add a case, A silver rated 600W~750W PSU, a decent cooler and some thermal paste. $1000 is pretty slim for editing and transcoding, even at the consumer HD level. I would not cut this build down except you could get a less fancy mobo for up to $100 less, but you really are gonna need the faster connections and the 1394 FireWire connection so ... I would stick with this future-looking mobo and the proc, for sure. You could get a lesser vid card, but it would be a fairly large step down in performance.

    Do What ya gotta do ... Maybe someone around here could do ya an AMD/Radeon Build .... You need to look at the bold posts (sticky notes) at the top of this forum's main page ... and fill out the help form (cut-n-paste, if you really want some useful help.

    = Al =
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