FSB speed much lower than rated

I just ran CPU-Z for the first time and noticed that the FSB is running at 280 MHz, but is rated to run at 1120. I went to the bios, and it is set to run at 280, but there is the option for me to change it up to 700 I believe. Is there any reason why it would be running much slower than it should?

Here are the system specs, I built the computer about 2 years ago.

core 2 duo E7200 wolfdale. 2.53 ghz
2x2 gb patriot viper ddr2-1066
biostar p35d2-a7 motherboard

I was curious if it is safe to crank up the fsb speed on the motherboard, and if anyone has an idea why it isn't set higher?

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  1. The cpu can access the FSB four times per clock cycle. Notice that if you multiply your stated FSB clock by 4, you get 1120. Your settings are normal.
  2. so what would happen if i turn the clock speed up?
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