Recommended fans?

Hi guys i am going to build a system in the new year and i was wondering if there are any fans you would recommended fans?

Btw i am planning to overclock the processer to about 4.3ghz and the graphics card

the specs are below
Corsair 500r case
Intel 2500k
Coolermaster 212 evo
Corsair Vengeance ram 8gigs
Corsair CMPSU-750TXV2UK Enthusiast Series TX750 V2
asus sabertooth motherboard
AMD 7950 sapphire
HDD wester digital caviear black 7200 rpm 1tb
Asus PA248Q moniter
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  1. Are you looking for case fans or cpu cooler fans? Corsair has the AF120 fans for case fans and SP120 foe cpu fans.
  2. I like noctua 120mm and 140mm fans . They are well built , move lots of air at a low rpm , quiet and they last . 6 year warranty , so far 4 years and not one of my noctua fans has started making noise of break down . They cost a bit and are fugly but great fans . Also using a set of deepcool fans , one 80mm and a 120 , they cost $$ as well but move air are quiet and seem well built , hope they last . I have the older model noctuas , but just picked up all 4 of these fans for 2 new builds ,
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