Question for those who own Thermaltake V3 black edition

I recently built up my pc with one of these cases and I was wondering if anyone has successfully mounted a fan to the grills on the roof of the case?(I assume it would be a scythe 120x120x12mm)

Due to how close the motherboard mounts to the grills its impossible to get a 120x120x25 fan to fit(inside the case). Thermaltake couldn't have built this case with two places for fans that are not usable could they? :??:
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  1. I do not have the V3 But on the spec page they state that the top is for 120x120x25mm fan, and by the pics you should be clear of the motherboard when you install the fan, it's not a problem if the fan covers a part of it as long as you don't have to bend things to make it fit. And the right side fan would by the loks of things sit little above your ram. I found this that may be of some use to you. ("In fact, there was just enough space for the fan to fit up against the top")
    I don't know and it's not stated if the fan from the cooler is aligned with the hole on top.

    Don't know if that's of any help at all but good luck.
  2. I don't have this case either, but if you just need a little bit more space Yate Loon makes some 120x120x20mm fans that just might fit and they would move a lot more air than the 12mm deep Scythes.

  3. I do have this case and am running into the same problem. However it is no a matter of just covering something on the Motherboard. The issue is that in order to hit the mounting holes, you need to unlock the Ram clips ( i do not advise this lol). I wanted a top exhaust fan for this case, and purchased 2 Thermaltake Thunderblades to help with this. Needless to say, i ended up bottom mounting for additional intake. I will look at the Yate Loon fans to see if this will work for me.
  4. I used to have the case, and I had the same problem. What I did is i put the fan not in its mounting holes, but a little towards the front side panel.
  5. I encountered the same problem as well. What I did was that i cut 1/4 of the 120mm fan and used only 3 screws per fan. It worked for me.. :pt1cable:
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