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Heat on I 920

December 7, 2012 6:59:16 PM


I have a I7 920, on a gigabyte GA ex58 UD3r motherboard, with a 570 Nividia Zotac Amp 2 GPU. I have begun tinkering with my settings, and I was curious if #1 this is normal, and #2 my solution will be ample...

Right now, my CPU cooler is just the stock cooler. @3.5 Ghz, 1.25 volts vcore, I am getting to 96 degrees after 17 minutes on prime95. Obviously I want to bring that down some (I have already improved it by reducing hit 100 in 3 minutes when I had Vcore on auto, which, BTW, spiked my vcore up to 1.35!)

How much would a decent air cooler reduce my temps, would yo9u say? Like the hyper 212? If I could get it down ten degrees at 100 percent CPU, I would be happy. Not planning on going much higher on frequency, though I might tweak the settings to get the max out of the higher frq ram I am getting... Is it fairly normal for temps to spike this high on Prime95?

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