Quadro fx 4800 or 4870x2

I have both cards and i'm just wondering what would work best for gaming. Thats all i do with my computer and i know i could just benchmark them, but i'd like everyone's opinion.

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  1. The (nVidian) Quadro series (as well as the [ATI] firepro series) are workstation cards, meant for engineering. The HD4870x2 is the series for gaming.
  2. Thanks for the reply Shadow,

    I know that the fx 4800 is a workstation Card, however, i also know that the bios is more finely tuned, and has better support. I'm just wondering if that equals better graphics. I mean right off the bat i could use 3 monitors and strech them (fool the game) into thinking that its one big monitor, which would be very nice. Again, just wondering.
  3. No, using 3 monitors to run 1 game is a feature known as eyefinity - something that only the dx11 ATI 5x00 cards are capable of.
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