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I've been looking at tom's hardware for a good while, but never needed anything answered until now, so I signed up :) Anyways, I've been working on overclocking my AMD Phenom II x4 965 black edition all day (my first cpu overclock, btw), and it's giving me hell when I try to get to 4.0 ghz. I've gotten it to 3.9 and have successfully run prime95 stable for roughly 2 hours and still counting as I write this. It's set at 1.5v and temps haven't gone higher than 58C, running an average of around 56C. However, when I get it to 4.0 ghz, it shuts down after no more than 10 minutes of prime with the max temp at 60C. I really wanna get to 4.0 just to have that satisfaction in the back of my mind and to help get rid of the bottleneck on my gtx 670. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could get this extra 1 mhz without breaking 62C?
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  1. I have been in your shoes while trying to get my 1045t to 3.6 Ghz on all 6 cores. (I ended up settling in @3.4 Ghz with 1.344 volts

    Considering your voltage, I wouldn't push any further.

    I would actually back the voltage down to ~1.45 and see where it stabilized, then call it good.
  2. Sorry if this is an obvious question, but will my current voltage damage my cpu over time quicker than the stock voltage?
  3. Yes, but how much quicker is all but impossible to nail down.

    Your computer could be obsolete by the time your CPU is degraded, or you could find your system getting unstable in a year. (or anything in between)
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    You don't mention your cooling but I'm certain its not an overkill W/c loop,
    Given adequate cooling you can run overvoltage for a long time with no problem
    the issue is when you cannot control the heat generated from the chip, theres also builtin throttling that regardless of cooling you cannot turn off, its an antistupid measure built into the chip to help prevent you killing it
    theres no real performance difference between 3.9 and 4.0GHz btw, I'm willing to bet that you need to up your cooling and alter your Nb-v a little to nail the magic 4,
    my 975 likes a little more juice, 1.53v to get 4Ghz stable and 1.56v for 4.6GHz, not entirely stable due to the cooling issue I mentioned earlier,
    If you can get 3.9GHz stable with temps you like then call it a win, unless you want to stack money onto serious cooling just to see what you can get,
    And thats the madmans path anyhow :)
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  6. Thanks, I'll tinker with it a bit and try to hit 4 just for the sake of having that number lol. BTW, I'm using the hyper 212 plus
  7. Glad to help man,
    and if you do ever decide to walk that dark path, just post another thread and we'll get you sorted on water :)
    Thank you for B.a.
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