2 CPU's, 2 MOBO's, No POST

Here is my entire list that was purchased through newegg


I have power, everything is starting but nothing is working. Failure to POST. However, on the case, I can hold the power button for 4 seconds and it will turn off (indicating BIOS settings are good?).

On my first RMA I unhooked everything to narrow it down to a bad CPU or a bad mobo. The only things connected were the CPU and motherboard. It didn't post on that test so I determined my best chance was to RMA the CPU. Got that a week later and retained the exact same result with the new CPU. So, I RMA'ed the motherboard. Got a new motherboard in today and same result. I'm out of the 30 days to RMA anything else and haven't even been able to test the video card or hard drives. I am not even sure they're good yet. So, I'm pretty frustrated with this whole situation. Especially considering the cost of this build.

FYI, this is my first build, although I feel like I can take this thing apart and back together with my eye lids stapled to the desk.

That being said my experience is limited and I would GREATLY appreciate even just a direction at this point. A $3000 paperweight makes me want to buy one of those overpriced and underperformed name brand computers at the local retailer just for the fact that they are in working condition on purchase. Please help.
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  1. p.s. I have a neighbor who builds these sort of rigs for a living. While his time is limited, he did go through my build for about 2 hours doing connection checks, reseting CMOS and meticulously reading the manual. Am I just the unlucky person who RMA'd his way to two bad motherboards?
  2. Your wishlist needs to be public for us to see it. What Mobos are you using? Do you have case speakers?
  3. Are you 100% positive it isnt the PSU if the MOBO and CPU wouldnt post even with an RMA on each?
  4. I haven't tested the PSU with a meter no. It is, providing power to every mechanism it is hooked up to. Should I be testing the connections with a meter even though everything looks on the up an up with the PSU?
  5. Performing EVERY step in the READ before posting about boot problems! sticky at the top of the forum will help with troubleshooting the problem.

    If you're 100% sure the 8-pin CPU power connector located above the CPU socket is firmly plugged in then I would focus on the RAM next. Are you sure you're using the right RAM slots? You'll have to verify in the motherboard owners manual, but I believe you're supposed to use the blue slots on that motherboard. Have you tried each stick of RAM by itself?
  6. Virtually everything on that list is what my neighbor came over and ran through, EXCEPT one thing. Breadboarding. I'll do that now. Thanks

    I have the RAM in the blue slots yes, and we have tried each stick by itself.
  7. Everything is up and running now.

    First off thanks to those who took the time out of their day to reply, it's something I always admire and greatly appreciate.

    The solution was that my test monitor failed (not the selected HD TV on the list). On top of that, the mobo did not have a speaker on it and the case did not either. Leaving me (as an inexperienced builder) to think that just because the manual read that the motherboard will beep on POST, does not mean there are speakers installed.

    I needed a visual cue, not an audio cue....and it dawned on me to try a new monitor.

    Thanks again
  8. That's good news! Thanks for posting the update.
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