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Hello, I have a HP 6000 that I want to upgrade, and the stock PSU needs to be upgraded in order to accomodate a better graphics card. I noticed it has the old AT style P2 power connector on the microatx board right next to a 6-pin connector.. Do i have to find a power supply that has this p2 connector?
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  1. I googled the HP 6000, and am finding mainly a printer, a laptop and a compaq desktop from 2002 with a 2200+ athlon XP.

    So what is yours really?
  2. Haha yeah I know! It's this

    Anyway so crap! I can only upgrade to those things? Is there anything out there that can reliably power a 5770?
  3. Hmm I tried my own link and it won't go to the site.. try googling "HP Compaq 6000 Pro MT"
  4. Ditch the code when you post sites, it makes links for you.

    Hmm, if I could see the power supply I could tell you what it was. When I had a a810n from HP it was just a standard ATX power supply. I kind of doubt that they'd randomly use something that old. You really just need to find out what it is.

    If you tell me what the CPU you got is I could recommend something but if it's a dual core sufficiently fast, then your choice of a 5770 would be fine.

    Hmm, I used the name of it on the HP site and just searched youtube for it. It isn't ATX at all I think it may even be a BTX. Good luck with that. If I were you I'd toss off an email to HP support asking what standard it is to make sure before buying something. Though I'm betting changing the PSU voids the warranty also.

    What's the current power supply capable of?
  5. Thanks-

    It's a E8500 Core 2 Duo 3.16 Ghz, on a Q43 Express chipset MicroATX board (no idea what board). The PSU measures about 6"x6"x4", and the screw holes are not in the traditional spots (plus the psu is bigger anyway). Current power appears to be 320W, although the labeling makes it hard to tell (at max its gotta be 320). I really wanna ditch the power supply, but its becoming a huge hassle..

    They can use BTX power supplies to outfit a micro atx board??
  6. I called them just now - apparently it's a standard atx psu (despite different screwholes and size)
  7. But the motherboard is on the wrong side of the case (left instead of right) and it's also set up to be more parallel for airflow from the front to the back. Did you ask if that means you can buy a standard power supply? (and if that voids the warranty...)

    If you can buy one there are plenty of things to recommend. Personally I'd go with the 530 watt rosewill green series PSU. As indeed I have before. If you want even better quality and whatnot then antec earthwatts, seasonic or corsair would be good too.
  8. It voids the warranty.. Which i'm okay with at this point. However, the problem i'm most concerned with right now is the fact the current psu supplies an P2 connector to the motherboard - is that connector essential? There's no 24/20 pin connector, and it connects with a 4 pin and a 6 pin.. What happens if i don't supply the p2?
  9. Because finding a reliable cheap high watt psu with a p2 connector seems impossible..
  10. Also Hp has knowledge base is garbage - they wouldn't help me since my computer has a product number that is clearly 12 digits long, and apparently hp product numbers are 7 digits (I ordered this directly from
  11. Alright looking at it again, it may not be a old p2 connector - its a 1X6 pin connector that's labeled p2; however, all three connectors are labeled from p1-p3 (the 6 pin is labeled p1, this one is p2, and the 4pin is labeled p3). What the heck could this be? I don't think it's an auxiliary power connector..
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    I honestly don't know. I've only had in my hands standard ATX stuff. Oh and apparently one of my friends cases can hold a BTX mobo.

    But it definitely looked very not normal in any way shape or form on that youtube video, including the layout of the motherboard and the power plugs into the motherboard.
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  14. So did you find one?
  15. Nope - I gave up. Apparently hp use proprietary designed btx power supplies that additionally have proprietary power connectors. Furthermore, they don't have any other power supplies at hp, so even if i wanted to, i can't buy one from them. I'm thinking of putting a 5670 in instead since ive read a stock 300 psu could run it.
  16. A card like that is probably your best bet. It's not like that the 4670 or thr 5570 are slow. Especially compared to integrated which is what you're probably using.

    I'm kind of surprised that such a new system really is BTX (at least mostly) and that HP is doing such a proprietary design. Usually Dell is the one to participate in such shenanigans.
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