Here is a cheap cooler on a 8350 running @ 4.1 ghz for 3 hours

little deepcool mc 3002gx does a pretty good job for $18.00 . Next I try my $9.00 after rebate masscool 7 wa868, see if it does better .
So far the deepcool is quiet and keeps 8 cores cool !
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  1. Put that thing under load and wont be that cool anymore...
  2. sure running WCG BOINC with all cores crunching @100% is not a load ?
  3. for some reason it reports 42.7 watts as max , and package temps 12c , a bit impossible . All cores are running at 100% over 142 watts , but hardware monitor is not reading the FX cpu properly , it reported all the cores on the 1090t and the correct watts , not some "package" temp
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