I need a good chassis that will support e-atx

I'm putting together a monstrous machine with the new ASUS rapmage iii extreme, but I can't find a case I like that it'll fit in.

So, I pose the question, what is a good chassis that will support this board.

Ideally I'd like a case with a window and ample cooling, I'd consider a case with built in liquid cooling, but I just don't know which are really good.
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  1. I am currently using the HAF 932 and there is plenty of space in it for an e-atx motherboard. I have yet to find anything that had trouble fitting into this case.
  2. I wish the thermaltake spedo chassis held e-atx :(
  3. It is a beautiful chassis, but you need space, and that is what the HAF 932 can give you.

    Also a cool feature on the haf. If you are running the more extended graphics cards such as the 5870 and 5970 you wont have to remove hard drives to make room for it like in some of the other cases.
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