Surround sound not picking up all channels

I have a M4a78 plus motherboard with a optical out. I connected my surround sound to it and have set audio in the realtek audio manager to 6 channel but when i play a dvd in either vlc media player or nero showtime and set it to 6 speakers it doesnt work. All i can hear is the sound effects and music very low coming from the front speakers.

Also when i use the realtek audio manager to test the rear channels or sub woofer there is no sound.

Does anyone know what the problem can be?

edit. Just also realized that when im either playing a game or watching any video the sound cuts out for like 3 seconds every 30 seconds

oh my system is a Samsung HT-Z510T 5.1 Channel 5 Disc Home Theater Surround Sound
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    Sounds like there's a problem enabling Dolby Digital/DTS in your media players through spdif.

    Google and download "Media Player Classic - Home Cinema", as it's the most modular and capable computer media player.

    Also, go to and download ac3filter, which can be configured through MPC-HC, and you can set the options to how many channels you want.

    Go to any A/V forum and upwards of 90% will tell you to use MPC - HC.

    VLC is nice out of the box, but it has limited functionality, the video quality has the worst macroblocking ever (due to talking a lot of shortcuts), and is not very useful in terms of functional audio playback.
  2. thanks alot i used downloaded both those thing tweaked with the settings and now my surround sound shows that its picking up the dolby digital.

    the only other question i have is why when i test my realtek audio manager and click on the rear speakers or subwoofer no sound comes out?
  3. I wouldn't worry about that, it's probably just a driver issue.
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  5. yeah after some searching i need a sound card that can do dts through optical spdif with the one right now i cant unless i use ac3filter for movies and music but thats ok. thanks for the help
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