Can I turn off POST Beep ?

I have bought a second hand computer and it has a very loud and annoying beep when I start it up. This is a particular problem for me as I use my computer at night and quite often have to re-start the system (probably cause my hard drive is on it's way out too but there ya go),
I cringe at the thought of the poor guy in the next flat listening to this BEEP every half hour but can't find anything on the internet to say how to turn it off. I've even had the lid off the box and looked for a wire to the internal speaker ... no joy... nothing in BIOS either.

If anyone knows how to turn this darn thing off maybe via system properties or something for AOPEN MX46-333V then please let me know.

Also, just as a side note really, the computer came with 2 banks of RAM which Topala Software Solutions/System Info is reporting as DDR2100 512MBx2 but it says this board supports DDR2700 up to 2MB. Is this correct before I go buying two new bits of RAM.... not important though, it's the BEEP thats troubling me.

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  1. open the case find the speaker, follow the wire (usually Red and Black pair), and disconnect it.
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