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Hey guys I have a question with Exchange Mail Server

Currently the only two ways for us to access exchange emails is through Outlook Web Access, or through blackberry exchange server that we run.

I was wondering if there is way to configure the exchange server so anyone with an internet access can set it up and access it through their own outlook.

Thank you.
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  1. I haven't tried doing this, but I would imagine that it would just be a matter of going through the new mailbox setup.

    Your exchange server should have a public dns record in order to work properly, so you should just be able to put for the server name, and it should work.
  2. It would depend on what versions you are running. For Exchange 2003 out these links on RPC over HTTP

    Microsoft apparently changed the name to Outlook Anywhere in Exchange 2007/2010. For info check here

    Hope this helps.
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