Phenom 2 X4 965 BE Help?

I just got a upgrade cooler from the stock to a Hyper 212 Plus with another BladeMaster fan (same that comes with it) in a push/pull config running off the same CPU header.

I ran Prime 95 just to see how much of an improvement it got me. I got from 56+ down to 48 with that. So I was wondering what I could get my Frequency to?

Right now (running Prime while typing this xD) it is at stock 3.4 Ghz, but my voltage seems to be up there at 1.472. Could I get to 3.9, or even 4.0 Ghz without raiseing the voltage? if I do I would have to bring it up to 1.5, my mobo only let's me increase/decrease in .025 voltage increments.

I got a simple Mobo Gigabyte ga-970-ud3 (Came with a 8gb ram deal)

Edit: Got a better picture >.>

Picture :
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  1. I have the same cpu with the same cooler (but only 1 fan). I was able to get to 3.8 stable with stock voltage, but managed to get 3.9 at 1.5v. It's killing me to try and get to 4.0, but the cpu just says no :/
  2. I have seen someone get 3.9 with stock but I'm not sure...Some people seem to be able to get to 3.9 at different volts....4.0 seems impossible.
  3. Just sort of an update here, I ran prime 95 for about 14 hours yesterday and last night, and 3.9 is very stable for me at 1.5v with max temps at 58C, average temps around 56C. 1.5v is a bit high for some people's tastes, but I'll be replacing this cpu within 6 months, so it's alright for me :) let me know if you're able to get to 4.0 ghz, I've tried my best but even at 1.55v it won't run stable :/
  4. I have been for a while to get 3.9 stable at 1.475V but it aint happening xD I would have to increase the volts I think. I ran it at stock volts at 3.8 it is stable, but at 3.9 within just starting prime it went over the 100 error limit in 2 seconds. and all my temps were down and my ram is fine. So I would have to increase the volts, but at 1.5 you think coul could atleast get 4 or 4.1 but it doesn't seem so.
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