250 gts or a 5770

i know 5770 is newer but...

i have a 1280*1024 maximum resolution so i will play games with all things maxed out EXCEPT RESOLUTION
resolution will stay at 1280*1024 ( no i won't buy a new monitor )

so i was thinking the gts 250 will have the same performance as the 5770 at that resolution

gts250 : physx, cheaper ( i can get 4 gb ddr3 1333mhz )
5770: more money ( which means i will have to get 4gb ddr2 800 mhz ), dx 11, pixel model 5

what do u suggest?
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  1. Why would you have a choice of RAM? Motherboards only support one type.

    I'd get the HD5770. It's futureproofed with DX11, and will max out everything for the next few years on that res.
  2. because i don't have enough money to get the 5770 and the ddr3
    i have to choose from them

    so u are saying 5770 with the ddr2?
    i have no ideea how much performance is in those 500 mhz that ddr3 has in front of ddr2, if it matters 1-5 fps's i don't care
  3. HD5770. It's better, uses less power and is DX11 compatible. It also isn't necessarily much more expensive. This one is $130, only $13 more than the cheapest GTS 250 on newegg'
    If you are going to go for a DX10 card the HD4850 is a much better buy;
  4. i live in europe and the difference between the cheapest 250gts and the cheapest 5770 here is around 50 dollars
  5. Bummer. UK or elsewhere?
    How much is the HD5750? It's also DX11 and slightly faster than the GTS 250.
  6. the 5750 is 10 dollars cheaper then the 5770
  7. The HD 5770 is newer, faster, supports DX 11 and eyefinity, and has lower power consumption than GTS 250, so it is the better overall card.

    For the ram, you CANNOT have the choice between DDR2 and DDR3, your motherboard will ONLY support one of them, for example if your cpu is core i7/i5/i3 then you MUST get DDR3 ans DDR2 won't fit on the motherboard.
  8. EDIT: in the last line of my post: replace (ans) with (and).
  9. it is my fault i didn't say the whole thing that ddr means
    when i said ddr2 i was saying the cost of ddr2 + the motherboard
    same for the ddr3

    yea basket687 that is what i was thinking as pro's for the 5770
    and i was thinking that even with ddr2 it will be exceptional because it has 4 gbs

    but what do i know...i use crysis as benchmark
  10. so the 5770 with ddr2 is a better choice?
  11. For gaming performance, yeah, it will definitely be better.
  12. off: did u read the thread?
    i am talking of a 5770 and RAM memory

    on: is it a problem if the motherboard has pci express 16x? will this lower the performance of the gaming card instead of having one with 2.0?
  13. My bad.

    PCIe 1.0 x16 performs the same as PCIe 2.0 x8, which will be enough for the vast majority of video cards out there.
  14. ok, thx very much for the fast replies
    so i will go with the ddr2 and 5770
  15. Gaming performance is give and take.
    I would at least give the GTS 250 a chance if you want to save a little money
    I've read good and bad about the 5770 and the only thing that I don't like about it is the 128-bit interface.
    I owned the older 128-bit interface cards and even the touted 7600GT was by no means able to overpower a 256-bit card.
    Excuse me if I seem undereducated here but I'm just speaking of past experience since I've owned what at one time was the 'latest technology' just to be overshadowed by todays offerings.
    You have to understand I live in the half pocket.
    Somewhere between the ground and the air and just floating on what I know and read. It's getting better little by little so bear with me.
  16. Look up benchmarks for the cards and youll find that most cards will be older but better... DX11 sounds great but atm i think only the new stalker uses it, so its not a real bonus at this point in time for gaming, only for any 3D animation and rendering.

    Check out http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-5770,2446-7.html for some quick checks
  17. magneezo said:

    I owned the older 128-bit interface cards ...

    You cannot compare architectures like that.

    Home page of this sites has the monthly "Best Bang for the Buck - Video Cards. Go to the end of the article and look where the two cards fall within the performance rankings.
  18. i thought the bits are there to give more bandwidth and i've seen a chart comparing the gts 250 with 5770 and the last one had more total bandwidth

    i've looked at the chart and the 5770 is one place better then the 250

    bare in mind that i upgrade my pc once around 3-5 years ( except if something get broken ) so the dx 11 support is not such a bad ideea

    in benchmarks the difference between them is not that big ( around 4 fps at resolutions i am not able to bring my monitor to ----- samsung 913n )

    is it correct that 5770 consumes much much less power then 250?
    and that it doesn't reach the temp that 250 does?
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