[solved] Hauppauge 2250 connection to cable set top box

hello, i have the hauppauge 2250 tv tuner card in my pc (no media center package). i connected it to the cable box with an s-video cable. when i run the set up program in windows media center i get stuck at a step where it tries to detect ir hardware. it won't let me go to the next step. how do i watch cable programs on my pc? thanx.
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  1. You don't have the IR hardware & Remote control that comes with the Media-Center Package.

    Without the media center package you try it the old way...

    On your cable there is an option to use the COAX output that can be set to Chan-3 or Chan-4.

    The connect the COAX output of the cable/sat box the COAX/TV input of 2250. Set the 2250 to Chan-3 or Chan-4.

    To change channel use the cable box remote.
  2. Call hauppage sales / customer support and check if they can sell you the media center as an add on to your existing 2250
  3. thanks leon. i just ordered the media center kit from hauppauge. should make my life much easier.
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