Which ram for future computer?

Hello, all.
So, I'm building my first computer, and I'm still a novice. Which ram should I get? More specifically, which brand is the best? I know there are many variables to take into account when asking that question, but all I know is that what I had in mind was ddr3 sdram 1066 mhz, and I'm looking for low power usage, but that's not absolutely necessary. I'm looking for good stable memory that's not going to wimp out on me if I put some strain on them (but not technically OC). So..... suggestions?
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    Do you overclock your computer?

    Great brands are : Corsair, Kingston, G.SKILL, Patriot, Team, Mushkin.

    Corsair is good but just expensive. More expert people can get such great performance with lower price.
    Most people use Ripjaws series from G.SKILL at speed 1333.
    I recommend this one.
  2. No I don't overclock, at least I don't plan to.
    And the Ripjaws you linked me to are great, except I want triple-channel. Do they come in triple-channel kits?
  3. sorry, strike that. my real question is do you know if the Intel Core i7 can use 4gb sticks or are those too dense?
  4. Yeah sure, i7 can use 4gb sticks, man. In fact, it's motherboard not processor's compatibility.

    Look under max. memory supported in motherboard's specification. If the mobo has 6 slots and the max is 24 GB, (or 4 slots and max 16 GB), then it supports 4 GB sticks.
    although this is overclockable to 1600.
    or, this kit 12 GB (3x4).
  5. gotcha, I did look and it's compatible. problem is I don't think I'll ever use 12gb, my dream amount is 8gb, but that will have to be dual channel, and can the i7 do dual? or does it always do triple? I'm not sure...
  6. 8 GB is run at dual-channel. If your mobo has 6 slots and you put only 2 sticks, it will work in single-channel, not even dual. So it'll be single or triple. No dual.
    The trick is to put the memory in pairs of three. Ex: 1+1+1-2+2+2, or, 2+2+2-4+4+4,or, 1+1+1-4+4+4.
  7. Ahhhh...... clever ;) ok so for 8 gb I could effectively use..... well I guess I'd have to do 1+1+1-2+2+2 for 9 gb instead. That would be perfect! Ok so..... Ripjaws..... let me look.....
  8. So if I use ram designed for 1600 mhz, will it not be compatible with my i7 920, which lists 1066 mhz? or will a slower single-core processing speed still work with faster memory?
  9. Yes it will be compatible. The memory will run at 1600 Mhz, but if the processor lists 1066 Mhz, then it will process at that speed, meaning the rest 500 Mhz is unused. BUT this 1066 is the speed processor uses to load the data into RAM. Once the data has been into RAM, the full 1600 Mhz will be used. So 1066 Mhz is the speed "processing/transmitting data into RAM" that's used by processor.
    Therefore, there's a term called FSB : DRAM ratio. Most DDR3 speed has 3 : 8 ratio. Meaning sort like 1066 : 1600. Don't worry once the data is loaded into RAM, the full 1600 Mhz is used by the RAM.

    The ripjaws series are available in dual and triple channel kits. Just type in Newegg your corresponding GB and speed.
    Ex. Ripjaws 8GB 1600, or Ripjaws 6GB 1600, or Ripjaws 12GB 1333.

    You can enlarge the ratio to more like 5 : 8 but through overclocking the processor.
  10. gotcha. awesome. so is there anywhere I can get single sticks of Ripjaws both 2gb and 1gb? or do I have to get the two double packs of both and just have one extra of each?
  11. Awesome, man, thanks :) alright, well that answers my question. Thanks again, and good night (morning, lol)
  12. Just remember that you need to have the same Speed and brands of memory. If you buy 1333, then buy another 1333.
  13. of course :) ok i'll keep that in mind
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  15. The Ripjaws series I linked in the "Best Answer" is also capable of overclocking, albeit not by much. Perhaps it can reach 1600 Mhz, perhaps not. But hey, it's cheaper than 1600 memory at least.
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