Cloned Files / My Old Disk Structure

I just ran 'Cloned Files Scanner' {I Obit 5.4.0} and it showed over 3000 cloned files. A few
years ago the computer crashed and I used a built in tool called PC Angel
which said it would not be able to save info BUT when I ran it it created
a whole set of files called 'My Old Disk Structure' and i believe i lost a lot of
disk space. After running 'Cloned Files Scanner' and clicking on Delete
I receive a warning message saying these are duplicate not junk file and to
make sure I don't need them. IS IT SAFE TO DELETE THESE 3000 FILES?
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  1. Maybe, maybe not. You need to check the file locations and compare the two to make sure they are in different places, and that you delete the right one. Plus there are cases where two files can be in different places but both are needed. Stuff like this needs to be looked at by someone who knows computers.
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