Can you help with this build? Salvaging a phenom x3

I have an AMD Phenom 8400 X3 2.1 ghz, 3 gigs of samsung ddr2 5300u ram and a 320 gig hard drive. (phenom x3 served me well,seems like a pretty good proc)

Id like to put these working parts to use by building a decent gaming pc for my younger brother.

So I need a case, Motherboard, PSU, optical drive and graphics card.

Can anyone recommend a motherboard that would support this processor and also allow me to use a medium/high end graphics card, a gtx 260 would prob bottleneck this cpu, wouldnt it? If it would, maybe a step down like an ati mid range or a gts250. Not looking to sli or crossfire just a good graphics card that will allow him to play some games at decent settings.

I have to replace the fan on the heat sink also, one of the fins is cracked.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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    Mobo: Asus M4A77D AM3/AM2+/AM2 $70 after rebate
    Optical: Get any cheap SATA DVD burner. They're usually about $25.
    PSU: Corsair 550W $85 after rebate
    GPU: HD 5770 $150 after rebate
    HSF: Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus $30, if you just want to replace the heatsink as well...

    Total: $360. This build is a good base to build on. The board will accept the newer AM3 CPUs, while the GPU is a newer DirectX 11 card that will be more future proof than any nVidia card. The PSU is a good quality unit that will be able to power some of the more powerful GPUs if they were upgraded.
  2. nice. Seems like a 'look no further' especially with the upgrade capa. Ive never built a pc before, do they sell motherboards attached to a case already? I know its not rocket science to attach a motherboard to a case but I also have never done it.
  3. No they don't sell cases that already have a board attached. All it takes is about 10 screws and 10 standoffs. If you can use a screwdriver, you can mount a board...
  4. ok. lol. i'll brave it.
    Any suggestions on a case ?
  5. Look into the Antec 200, 300, or 300 Illusion. Or the Coolermaster Elite, 690 or HAF 922. The Antecs will hold up to an 11" GPU, and are typically a little cheaper. the HAF 922 is easily one of the best, if not THE best, out there, but it's $90 after a rebate.
  6. ok, I will. based on this info any suggestions for GPU?
    The PSU for these newer graphics cards needs one or two 6-pin plugs?
  7. It depends. The 5770 and lower need only 1. The 5850 and higher need 2. A single 5770 ($150) should need only a 450W PSU (550W to be safe), 5850 ($300) needs a 550W, 5870 ($400) probably only need 550W (650W to be safe) and a 5970 ($650) needs 650W. Crossfiring requires 650W for the 5770, 750 for the 5850, and 850 for the 5870 and 5970.

    Right now, the AMD 5xxx series is the way to go. They have DirectX 11 support, use less power, have Eyefinity support for multiple monitors, and scale excellently in Crossfire. Check out the article "Best Gaming GPUs for the Money" to get an idea of what's best in the price range.
  8. OK, fantastic. Thanks very much for all the information and clarity.
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